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72662D Systevo control centre (24 VDC)

72662D Systevo control centre (24 VDC)
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  • H10095
  • 72662D
Control center for the configuration, display, operation and logging for Systevo Call...more
Product information "72662D Systevo control centre (24 VDC)"

Control center for the configuration, display, operation and logging for Systevo Call Ackermann, equipped with system release V11, incl. the system license of the operation of max. 200 rooms. Additional system licenses required depending on the system functions/size.
Optionally as an interface to third-party systems, such as DECT system, fire detection system. Comprised of a high-quality system processor with SSD and interfaces (RS232, USB, LAN).

Equipping of the user software with system release V11:

  • Configuration tool Systevo Call Ackermann
  • Allocation to room configuration (license: max. 200 room)
  • Definition of functions/parameters of the call system in accordance with DIN VDE 0834-1: 2016-06
  • Set-up of the call types, call type groups, call type upgrades
  • Set-up of the VoIP/SIP channel for mobile call querying via DECT/WIFI (separate license/SIP license required)
  • Configuration of input/output events for controlling external systems: Light/blind/TV
  • Setting of radio and TV channel
  • System management tools, database management system
  • Network functions for system accesses
  • Freely configurable services (interconnection)
  • Allocation of timed services
  • Selection of call type groups for services
  • Configuration of the volume of the acoustic call forwarding (day/night)
  • Definition of target-oriented forwarding between stations (call types)
  • Freely configurable announcement functions
  • Selection of destinations for announcements
  • Fault monitoring and reporting (in accordance with DIN VDE 0834-1: 2016-06)
  • Access control via user ID (if required)
  • Output of the data on a printer