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74422A1N Master station

74422A1N Master station
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Master station as a desk unit with integrated operating elements like presence buttons, call...more
Product information "74422A1N Master station"

Master station as a desk unit with integrated operating elements like presence buttons, call and doctor call push-button, high resolution TFT screen and a touch screen interface. Serves as a convenient communication unit including speech function and offers various functional features for use in the duty room or at central work stations. Well-structured menu with icons for intuitive operation.
Equipped with 5.7" TFT color display with background illumination: If presence is set, system messages are indicated optically and acoustically, organized by priority as assigned in the system (e.g. calls, malfunctions or presences). The function keys on the touch screen display can be used to switch to other messages. Speech (incoming and outgoing) in the hands-free mode via integrated speaker and microphone or using the telephone handset, in high audio quality due to digital transmission technology. The audio parameters are optimally adaptable to the respective environment. The volume can be adjusted even during a call. Simple call setup using the touch screen display: It is possible to activate calls, presences and participants in the master station address book. Eavesdropping protection prevents monitoring of subscribers, as long as no call has been triggered. Staff can initiate conversation announcements to predefined targets using the master station.
Option for the display and selection/deselection of services (interconnections) via the respective function keys, e.g. for forwarding of system messages to adjacent wards or to functional areas. Support of call upgrading function from rooms (beds) using the master station address book to trigger a patient call with higher priority in selective zones of the ward or in an intensive care unit.
Storage of all configuration data in the higher-level duty room interface. Startup is supported by a local service menu and extended remote access functions. Data connection with the duty room interface via the data bus connection unit. Upgradeable to future system firmware due to trendsetting Flash technology.

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