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79CM305 Systevo Touch IP with 17cm display

79CM305 Systevo Touch IP with 17cm display
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  • 79CM305
Touch terminal with 17-cm TFT display in high-quality aP-aluminium housing as a...more
Product information "79CM305 Systevo Touch IP with 17cm display"

Touch terminal with 17-cm TFT display in high-quality aP-aluminium housing as a IP-communication unit for resident/patient rooms. As a IP-control unit for additional functions in the room as well as for voice communication with duty rooms and mobile terminals. Operation takes place suing the back-lit touch display. Authentication via the optional PIN code (software license required), depending on the requirements of the care facility. Intuitive operation via the touch interface. Can also be read off from a larger distance and low ambient brightness.
Display of system messages with set presence (alarms, calls and presence etc. with the highest priority, in color and prioritized sequence. Acoustic call forwarding with set presence and the possibility of triggering additional calls. Display of the time, date, if system time available. Option for configuration of the "night mode" for switching of the display - to fulfil the night-time quiet period for the residents/patients. Through an installed loudspeaker and microphone, calls can be made hands-free or incoming telephone calls can also be received (license required). Connection via VoIP/SIP interface in order to enable communication via the telecom system (e.g. DECT, or 3G / 4G).
Monitoring and synchronization of the entire data traffic and audio connections (discussions, telephone calls) to other rooms within the organizational unit and coordination of the communication with the central units and other IP participants via IP interface (ETH-LAN). Support of the cyber security requirements of modern IT infrastructures. Multi-level security concept enables local call signaling in the case of a lack of communication with the central unit of the system.
Upgradable to future system firmware due to flash and memory technologies: Option for automatic software update in running operation. The configuration data for a room are administered via the management server and filed locally: Use of standardized web services.
Additional one, with optional software modules, option to record the maintenance, performance data, patient/resident information (e.g. vital data) and transmission to Systevo Call Ackermann. During the course of this, optimization of the care processes through automated registration of recurring care services. Error-reducing measures reduce the risk within the scope of entry of recorded parameters. Also, use as a service terminal for additional clinical and non-clinical departments for the documentation of activities performed (e.g. cleaning, disinfection, meal ordering, etc.). Additional software licenses are required for this.

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