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Integrated iPH Patient Handset with Telephone Function

Integrated iPH Patient Handset with Telephone Function
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Integrated iPH patient handset with ergonomic shape, adapted to be simple and userfriendly. It...more
Product information "Integrated iPH Patient Handset with Telephone Function"

Integrated iPH patient handset with ergonomic shape, adapted to be simple and userfriendly. It has different control functions for the telephony, TV/radio functions, etc. and for billing services. Designed with a multi-line LC display including an illuminated background and an integrated RFID care reader, the patient handset enables patients to make calls, control device functions in their immediate area (light, blinds) as well as conduct simple voice communication with the nursing staff. The patient handset can be used as a fully-functional telephone. The patient terminal has an easy-to-clean surface and is ergonomic to hold thanks to the all-round rubber seal; the housing is coated with an anti-microbial substance to kill existing bacteria and prevent them from multiplying. The keyboard is fitted with color-coded function keys (TV, radio, telephone, service), additional keys (channel selection, volume, lighting buttons) and a clear telephone keyboard. The integrated speakers also act as a receiver for the TV audio; alternatively the audio signal can be transmitted via the headphone socket (3.5mm jack plug). The data from the patient card are fed in and user-specific device functions activated via the RFID card reader (patient, alternatively staff). This enables the available services to be clearly assigned and facilitates billing of the telephone and TV functions and additional services. It is prepared for future firmware updates subject to license to enable the use of additional service features. The handset is placed in a purpose-built bracket which can be located either on the wall or on the bedside table

– Plastic housing with antimicrobial surface, color RAL 9016
– Front call buttons with symbols
– Color-coded operational functions
– Coordinated touch-sensitive keypad with pressure point and illuminated background
– IP54 version
– All-round rubber seal protects against impact and is comfortable to handle
– Replaceable connection cable
– Replaceable housing

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