Ackermann Clino Systevo Call

The Clino System 99 is the scaleable communications system from Ackermann by Honeywell and includes products to meet all requirements ranging from conventional optoacoustic call systems to highly integrated system solutions with digital voice transmission and multimedia at the patient’s or inhabitant’s bed. Of course the Clino System 99 complies with current standards and specifications for call systems stipulated in the German Institute for Standardization’s DIN VDE 0834: 2000-04.
Building on the proven Clino Phon 99 concept, the system is largely downwardly compatible and allows for long-term migration of the Clino Opt 99 and Clino Phon 95 systems. In addition to conventional call system features, the Clino System 99 provides other features for process support as well as contactless personalized system control (e.g. presence sensing device) and inexpensive integration of alternative maintenance and support concepts in senior citizen’s housing, patient hotels or in-house emergency call control centers. In addition to easy start up, the option of networking stations via the IP network as well as connection via the public telephone network are new performance features which facilitate planning, set-up and servicing of the Clino System 99.